Wine Social

elements on hollis offers wine tasting, wine dinners or for the full experience: wine tasting paired with cooking with Dr. Atima Kamra, our resident wine educator.

Dr. Atima Kamra is an accomplished dentist, wine consultant, and educator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Almost two decades since first being transformed by some of the world’s most elegant wines, her passion for wine and food discovery continues to soar. WSET accredited, with a knack for great pairings, Atima is a regular writer for Fete Lifestyle, the US Food, Wine, and Culture magazine. Since moving from the US “Foodie Capital” of Chicago, Atima has been hosting her popular wine education classes at Elements on Hollis at the Westin Nova Scotian and creating structured dining and tasting events in both intimate and grand venues. Atima feels very fortunate, during these exciting times, to contribute to Nova   Scotia’s burgeoning wine and culinary culture.

Wine Social

Wine 101

It is an introduction to wine class set in a casual and interactive atmosphere. There are three tiers to the program:

  • Level 1 is a one-time, 90 minute course to review the basics of wine including wine production, 4 major aspects of structure, proper tasting technique, and major grape varietals.


  • For those that prefer an enhanced experience, Level 2 is an additional 2 sessions that expand into understanding the foundation of Old vs. New World wines, and unravels the elements of Food and Wine pairing. 


  • For those that are wanting the full experience, Level 3 is a culmination of the gathered wine knowledge gained in Levels 1 and 2 paired with a cooking lesson from our Chef de Cuisine. This lesson will be both instructional and interactive and will be designed to pair with the wines of the course

This series is designed to be fun and intentionally not intimidating. It is intended to take the complex out and put the fun in. There are 6-9 wines tasted per session and all classes are accompanied by cheese, fruit and bread to enjoy with the class.

World Traveler Series - A Wine & Culinary Expedition

Featuring a region or continent in each series starting with Executive Wine tasting followed by dinner.

North America (US, Canada)
Celebrate marriage of modern, fruit-forward, oakey, big, lush, opulent, ripe new world style wine from Santa Ynez Valley, California; Willamette Valley, Oregon; Okanagan Valley, British Columbia; Niagara Peninsula, Ontario; and Columbia Valley, Washington.

Europe (France, Italy, Spain)
There is no more delicious way to experience the soul of European culture, history and traditions than through its food and wines. Numerous gastronomic fairs, festivals and trails to taste the unique dishes with wines. Let’s see what’s on the table!

South of the Border and Far (Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand)
If you haven’t tried Syrah, Torrentes, or Malbec, you are truly missing out on some amazing grape varietals of Chile and Argentina. The “New” in agricultural New Zealand defines the country’s status in New World winedom. Their pungent, lithe, clean and refreshing apply especially to the signature sauvignon blancs; to broadly findable chardonnays, rieslings and pinot gris. Shiraz is the best-known and most widely planted varietal for Australian red wine. Rich, full-bodied and potent when grown in warm climes, Australian Shiraz may be showcased on its own or blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot

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